sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2009


Taken away
P i e c e by p i e c e
Even when denial
Persisted still
Pieces could be seen
Flying away
Hesitating at times
Floating about the line-of-sight
Yet unreachable
Cannot avoid the flight
Cannot stand watching it
Try and block the sight
Try and walk away
Would be easier
Were the fragments
But something to be watched
Could they speak
But not to me
Could they feel
But not with me
Would they not
Let me know their wish
To only fly around
But wishing cannot prevent
Them from being still
Driven way

Um comentário:

Skeptic Dave disse...

Why can't some people just keep their feet on the ground? :|

Your lack of punctuation in this one reminds me of a Jose Saramago book I read recently; Death with Interruptions.